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READ BOOK Clear Your Mind: Stop Overthinking, Tune Out Mental Chatter And Worry Less - Balance Your

Activities like coloring books, knitting, scrapbooking, and pottery offer an escape for a busy mind. Simple, repetitive actions, especially -- like kneading dough -- can help you redirect your thoughts and tune out the chatter in your head. Let your inner child play! The key is to enjoy the process and not worry so much about the result.

READ BOOK Clear Your Mind: Stop Overthinking, Tune Out Mental Chatter And Worry Less - Balance Your

Feel like a hamster on a wheel, endlessly overwhelmed by your own thoughts and noisy brain? Do you lack focus on whats important and feel daily anxiety?If you want clarity and peace of mind, this book is for you. All of us deal with an excessive amount of expectation surrounding us about what to do with our lives: become richer, lose weight, be a better person, think more positive, more more more… We have so many expectations, obligations, and duties and not enough energy to keep up with them. But do we really? Your greatest barrier to a better life is your own mind. The solution youre seeking for is right in front of you. Clear Your Mind will help you to understand your thoughts, organize them and attach the appropriate action to them. Mental clarity equals peace of mind. The goal of this book is simple: free your mind from destructive thoughts, help you adopt new, constructive habits, and release you from tension. Your mind becomes more creative once released from burdens. This book will tell you:How can you stop overthinkingHow to let go of others expectations (and your own)The main causes of mental clutter How to stop talking and start actingHow to rephrase your negative thoughtsClarity of mind releases you from stress and anxiety.Understand how your brain works biologically and psychologicallyMake better decisions by knowing what you actually wantLearn the benefits of top-down thinking How to release mental energy by minimizing social media involvementWhat if I told you all the mental clarity and cognitive potential you longed for to know how to improve your life resided in you all along like a pearl waiting to be discovered? Clear Your Mind is a manual for those who feel defeated, who resigned long ago, a manifesto for true life change by unleashing your mental genius. Life isnt as complicated as we are made to think, and it is time for you to discover why.

You know that bit in Harry Potter, the first one, where Harry, Hermione, and Ron get caught up in the Devil's Snare? They're panicking, they're not sure what to do, and suddenly Hermione cracks it, and slips through the plant's tentacle-like leaves unharmed. How? "Just relax," she says. Harry relaxes and is freed, but Ron's still trapped and overthinking it. The more he tries, the less he can shut down his own mind. Eventually, he succumbs, but life can often feel like your own Devil's Snare. So, here's some books to help combat your overthinking, to release you from the Snare.

A way to get out of your own head is to read the words from someone else's. There are ways to help you get out of that overthinking maze, so that you can take on this year feeling more present, refined, and less crammed with the thoughts. Here are my book suggestions for just that.

Pfizer exec Bob Miglani returned to India, his birthplace, stressed out and worried about his finances, his family and his job; while driving in an Indian taxi he realized he was worrying about the wrong things. In Embrace the Chaos, he describes the simple lessons that allow us to thrive, be happy, and productive in life even when the world around us is going crazy. First of all, stop trying to plan or control the future; stop overanalyzing or worrying about events that might never happen. DO move forward, no matter what, and learn to enjoy the busyness of life. DO worry about your purpose, or SEWA, which is the unique reason you were put on this earth. Once you discover this, nothing else will be as bad as it looks. DO perform service for others and find your meaning in the spark of spirit within each person you meet.Mixing anecdotes, stories from his family, quotations from Indian philosophy and history, this book is a wake-up call to stop waiting and start living.

What it does: The stone of good fortune and forever bringing warmth and a bright disposition, the Sunstone is a sheer force of fabulous thinking. This powerful stone has a long history of being associated with all things good and it brings a boost of vitamin C to your soul. It clears out your solar plexus chakra, keeps you in a healthy and balanced mindset, and carries a certainty and optimism that uplifts even the lowest spirits. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.

I am posting under the account of my Weed for Warriors Exchange (WWE) initiative, but I am a Desert Storm vet diagnosed with OCD, PTSD and secondary disorders for which I am now seeking an early retirement because the environment has become unbearable and toxic to me. I am in my 50's and managed this long, but don't feel I can continue, so I am hoping my VA rating and all other considerations will allow me to find a new environment for my health needs.I am not ashamed to say that I began using CBD oil hoping that it would help relieve some of my symptoms and side effects (and I believe it helps) only to find it is just as illegal as Cannabis itself in my state- even though I purchased it OTC in that state. It is these things in life these days that are causing me extreme anxiety- that make me want to use Cannabis! Anyway, I need to vent here because I've just discovered this concept of Empath's.I am not into "new age" kind of things, but I am into physics and, particularly, quantum theory. It is not a stretch for me to grasp that our consciousness lives in the same sea that connects us all- or that some of us might be more in tune with that than others. I sometimes think people question my sanity simply because I understand this to be true because it has been proven- but also because i can FEEL IT. And these past few years, it has been trying to kill me. Let me explain please, but this isn't going to be a short read...As a child, they said I was self-destructive, hyperactive, manipulative, and was "an accident waiting to happen." When I entered high school, I started using Cannabis because I found it made me feel better and was the only way I felt I could cope. I was condemned for it and labeled a pothead, so I joined the military to escape the constant ridicule.During Desert Storm in 1991 I was under intense pressure- but the kind I thrived under and I was performing at the top of my game and I think I can even say at an extraordinary level for my rank given the responsibility I was given. I even discovered a new capability that was later developed into a multi-billion dollar technology. So when my command started going out of their way to ruin my career, I sent my life into a slow downward spiral I have not recovered from yet. My entire perspective of the world changed- and so did I. I lost interest in everything after the war.When I returned to home base before everyone else, that night I recall feeling extremely lonely, disappointed and lost. I went from being a fun-loving person to a loner other than a few close friends and family. I became very serious minded and all business with a huge chip on my shoulder I couldn't shake. I've been there ever since.It took many years, but I started getting treatment over 10 years later for what I thought was PTSD and it was several more years before a diagnosis was made. My doctor and a therapist he referred me to believed that I had "some form of OCD" that caused me to lock on like a laser to issues related to my work that I felt had to be fixed because they didn't work- or could be done better. It drove everyone nuts- and still does. I can't stop fixing little things that most people are able to ignore (which I can't understand because it's things we repeatedly do all the time for no logical reason). Those things drive me absolutely crazy. For awhile I was able to bit my tongue like everyone else, but I couldn't help to keep asking everyone- WHY?Sometimes, on rare occasions, there will be a breakthrough, and the powers will relent and change (which makes me very happy) but I feel the ANGER and HATE coming off of those who resisted it for my simply wanting to be more efficient. Gets me into trouble in every job and as a result I have held MULTIPLE CAREER-level positions in widely differing fields, because I have either been fired or had to look for something elsewhere because of it.What led me here is a conversation that I had with my therapist who believes that I tend to view everything logically and have to be able to understand what I do and what is expected of me and ask questions when I don't; and challenge the answers I'm given when they don't pass the test in application. My therapist suggested that I "see" these weaknesses in others when they cannot support their view. I will continue to challenge them to the breaking point. They relent or I force them to show their true character. I expose their hidden agenda's- that I am also somehow able to perceive immediately- long before we ever reach the reveal.For as hard as I have been working to control myself- I can't stop. I've seriously considered having an hemangioma removed from my tongue- just to keep me from being able to talk for awhile... The thoughts enter my mind so quickly they escape before my brain has time to process the thought before it's being verbalized. People used to politely say that I am "passionate."I am not an evil person and do not seek to hurt others. At least not good people... But I do insist on living in a reasonable world where when there are things that don't work in some way and are wasting money, time and energy (they have no purpose in life)- they need attention. If someone comes along with a better way and can point out where the problems are and show a workable solution to them, that everyone should have an "Ah-Ha" moment, laugh about it a bit, make some adjustments or changes and move on- happier and more efficient for doing so. But not any longer. Chaos rules the day!Now we live in a world where we do things simply because we are told. Nobody questions anything. We can sit and watch our businesses, money, time, everything- go right down the toilet and STILL nobody really seems to care any more because they KNOW THE FIGHT it takes to change anything these days. I call these situations out.I've learned that in many (most?) of these encounters in my life, the reason turns out to be nothing more than ego, insecurity, or some other hidden agenda that compels *some* people (just as I am compelled to expose them) to resist allowing needed changes in our workplaces not out of ignorance- but by some twisted design that prevents good order, efficiency and productivity- the opposite of Chaos.Unfortunately, all to often, these people are in positions of power and authority and other have to go through them to make these changes.Most of the time in these situations, it will be brought to a manager or executives attention and, being the person of character and integrity that they are, they will see the problem and allow necessary changes to be made. But others will refuse, either covertly or overtly- they will block change. When this occurs, I find myself about to experience one of two outcomes:1. They are simply being cautious and unsure that change is necessary. They need to see proof of it and they also want a workable solution. If these can be provided, the problem is solved. If they remain unconvinced for some reason, they communicate it and the reason has now been identified for why it was being done that way to begin with.2. If they become defensive, arrogant, dismissive, condescending, or similar- now we're talking about someone who has a hidden agenda. Maybe they just don't want to be shown up? Maybe they are the ones who created a bad process? Maybe they just don't like you? Maybe they are in someone's pocket? It could be anything really. There doesn't need to be a reason at all. They just have been put into your universe to cause you misery in your life because they seem to enjoy it or seeing you have to bend to their will.Now, I believe I am beginning to understand why I feel this way thanks to this and other articles I have found as a result of that conversation with my therapist. Then, while surfing in a forum for information on Cannabis for relief of symptoms and side effects of the PTSD and OCD (with secondary Anxiety and Panic disorders) i've finally been diagnosed with, but cause me a great deal of dizziness and other issues, Someone reached out to me and I heard the use of the word "Empath" for the first time. It's like this person had known me my entire life and read me like a book. Amazing. Now I know, but I am lost and overwhelmed. I feel like I am going to need the rest of the winter just to rest for enough energy to begin this new chapter of my life... It is very draining.Thank you for allowing me to vent and explain the life I've been living and trying very hard to come to terms with. 350c69d7ab

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