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LatinVFR HUB SPIM LIMA PERU FSX - A Review of the Best Airport Scenery in South America

The airport is located in the city of Callao which is also the main shipping port of Peru, some 10 kilometers from the centre of Lima, it was opened in the early 1960s and since then seen significant expansions making it today one of the most modern terminals in South America.


Lima airport is one of the most important hubs in latin america serving as hub for Latam Per and Viva Air Peru.The busiest routesareto Santiago (Chile), Bogot(Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Miami (USA), Madrid (Spain) and most capital cities in America.

Lima Peru Jorge Chavez International Airport. This is one of the most important airports in South America, which in the year 2010 had more than 10 million passangers use this facility hub for half a dozen airlines. This airport is serviced by European, North American and Latin carriers.

The economy of Lima is driven by service industries such as commerce, transport, tourism and hoteling, commerce, logistics, and infrastructures. The Peruvian economy has seen strong growth in the early 2000s and 2007, with the GDP per capita standing at $6,300 (PPP PPP) in 2004 and rising to $8,100 (PPP PPP) in 2007.

Natural disasters are common. During the 1980s, Peru suffered from a powerful earthquake that was felt as far away as the United States. Another hit in 2001 weakened and damaged buildings in the city. The 2008 Lima earthquake severely damaged residential areas, including the INSP, the National Water Company, and the National electricity Company. Many universities and schools were also damaged.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami struck the coast of Peru on December 26, 2004. The tsunami was caused by an 8.6 Mw earthquake. The earthquake destroyed many towns along the Pacific coast of Peru, leaving at least 6,300 people dead and missing. Around 6,000 houses were destroyed, a third of the homes in Lima, the capital.

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